Friends, I can’t express my thanks and appreciation enough for all the friendship and support I received during my campaign. I am truly humbled and grateful to be elected as your next State Representative.


My goal and my passion and my mission and my charge is to work as hard as possible to make our great State even greater over the coming months and years. I have one promise: Work hard to improve the quality of life we enjoy.


In Washington we accomplished so much during this election.


    • We led the way with a substantial increase in minimum wages for our low-income workers.
    • We passed a reasonable and responsible gun safety measure that will inevitably save countless lives and needless injuries.
    • We sent a strong message to Congress that we reject big unregulated money in politics.


I am filled with optimism and hope for the future of our State and the leadership we can provide to the rest of our nation. I am so honored to have the opportunity to play a role in our State’s future direction.


As a member of the Washington State Legislature, I will work to finally and fully fund basic education. I will support funding for construction of new schools and new public infrastructure projects.


I will oppose those who want to sell off our public lands to the highest bidders. I will ensure that our environment is protected for future generations. I will work to fund environmental restoration and cleanup projects. I will look to support initiatives that slow or stop the impacts of climate change.


I will work to fund programs that provide low-income housing to ease the homelessness crisis we face. I will work to protect our citizens from gun violence. I will support funding for chemical dependency and mental health programs along with accessible and affordable health care for all. I promise to work hard to ensure our social safety net is maintained and enhanced to protect the most vulnerable among us. I will protect pension plans from budgetary gimmicks which reduce benefits.


I strongly believe we must reform our regressive tax code that overtaxes our retirees, our low/middle class, and our small business owners in the 24th Legislative District, while under-taxing large corporations and the very wealthy. Washington’s current tax structure has our poorest families paying about 7 times more of their income in taxes than the top 5%. The answer is not in higher taxes but in a fairer tax structure for all.


And finally, I will not rest until we see new economic opportunities with increased employment for our middle-class workers. We need to promote real wage growth with increased benefits. We need an economy that works for everyone — not just a select few!


These are the reasons I ran to be your State Legislator, but I need your help. I will work hard to make you proud of our community and our State.


Bobbi and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your friendship and support during our campaign. We look forward to many more miles of our journey together.


Best wishes to all of you!


Mike Chapman